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“Parking Spots Are For Shopping Carts, Right?”

We’d rather not walk a little distance to put our shopping cart back in their designated area, so we think it’s best to put it right in the middle of an empty parking spot. Just imagine how quickly a person goes from feeling elation because they found an empty parking spot in a jam-pack parking lot, to anger when they realize it is occupied by a cart.

*Bonus Asshole Points

When others continue to add shopping carts to that same parking spot creating shopping cart hell.

"Because even if your dedication proves difficult, or ultimately impossible to attain, the moments where you feel most alive will always be when you love with no regard for moderation. You don’t need to love romantic comedies and fairy tales and wedding magazines to be a hopeless romantic — you only need to be in love with life."

"You won’t be able to have respect if you do not make a habit of recognizing value. There is value in every person, object, place and moment, but you may miss it if you hold faults to be more important.

Find the endless value in the world around you, and it will be easy to find the endless value in yourself. Eventually you will no longer see a difference between the two.”


What a better way to reflect on the past year while packing to finally see my family after 6 months in upstate NewYork.

I have to start off by saying I’m absolutely blessed to be where I am in life right now, I would have never imagined having the opportunity to be pursuing my PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Life sure as hell is not easy, but everything I’ve experienced in the past year has been absolutely amazing and fulfilling. I ended 2011 stressed to the max finishing grad apps,  so let’s start off with some of the highlights of 2012.

The year started off just right with my Sigma loves finally crossing into the brotherhood! I couldn’t have asked for a better class <3 I’m still so proud of all of your accomplishments!


I turned the big  TWO-ONE this year with a bang during Mardi Gras in New Orleans with some of the best people I know, and I couldn’t thank you enough for making it so special.


Then came the spontaneous Euro Trip! And wow, literally that was a trip. Spain and the Netherlands were absolutely amazing and beautiful. I will never forget promises of watching the sunrise while staying out late on the beach! Christian hostels in the red light district.. Absolute blasphemy! Thanks Sher bear, till we meet up again, you’re the absolute best. No loose strings, just catch up like we we we were never apart.


Spring Quarter was the best! And with Spring, comes Picnic Day! And hopefully not the last one I will experience. The little sister was accepted into UC Davis, and what better way to get her integrated than to show her the ropes of picnic day. I hope you enjoy your time at Davis and live it up to the fullest my little biomedical engineer, you make me so proud and I love you so much.


And of course Lalis finally getting a little taste of California!! Now you will forever know why California is the best state to live in :P Hehe te quiero mucho nina!! I am so thankful that I have seriously gotten to see you every 6 months <3


With spring, comes houseboats! And I am so glad you came with me Emily! Shenanigans all memorial day weekend. Couldn’t have asked for more cuts, scrapes, and bruises with some of the best people I know. I will never forget the 245 lb man that fell out of the sky and front of us.. Drink responsibly. But please RAGE NOW, THINK LATER. 


One of the proudest moments this year was seeing my sister graduate from high school and ending up at my alma mater! UC Davis baby! I couldn’t be more proud with what you’ve accomplished so far :) Your speech at graduation was amazing and thus far i have loved receiving all those pictures messages with A’s on your exams, do it big baby girl! And you know I’m always here when you need it, BME for life.


Then came the stress of graduating on time! Senior Design Project took up every little ounce of time possible, along with trying to finish a Man Econ minor. At least I know I’ll never be cut out for futures and options trading on the stock market. But with the hard work of four amazing girls, we did it! A multi-modality animal imaging bed was complete! We nerded it out hard core, but had an amazing time doing it. Patent still potentially in process? I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for the three of you, I could not imagine enduring upper division classes without you guys, pulling all nighters just to get assignments done on time. Thank god Sima saved us with our midnight pancakes and endless coffee!! Just about this time I had found out I had just gotten published, and you guys were right next time during the phone call :) I couldn’t have asked for news to be delivered any other way. You girls are too amazing, and our reunions are always the best <3


And then baby I did it, got my bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering from UC Davis with a minor in Managerial Economics (75% of the time I was going to end up in the business world). But life took a different direction, and I ended up taking Cornell’s offer of doing a PhD program in Biomedical Engineering. Who would have thought? I honestly could not have done it without the love and support of my beautiful family. I miss you guys so much and cannot wait to see you tomorrow evening!!


Which brings me to my time at Cornell. I don’t think there’s enough words to wrap up my time in Ithaca, NY but boy has it been an adventure. I am grateful to have met a few special people in my life here that make it all the more worthwhile, and you know exactly who you are. I’d have to say one of my biggest highlights was being introduced to some amazing wine country and sharing it with two of my best friends and prior roommates from California. BEEJ and Emily you guys visiting meant the world to me, brought back a little touch of home to my heart <3 I can’t wait for the adventures to come. Although living in such a small place is a little disheartening sometimes, great memories have been made.



I’d really like to thank my bestest friend on the planet for everything, we’ve had a rough year but to this day you’re still my bff. I seriously wouldn’t be where I am today without all the love and support from you. Always there, no matter what. I’m glad our lives are continuing on, and I can’t wait for what 2013 has to bring for us individually. Although our lives keep changing, I hope we remain the closest of friends no matter where life takes us.

Now if the world is truly going to end in a few days, well A) I’m just glad I fucking graduated undergrad and B) I’ll be with the people I love the most in this life. I am truly blessed and have some of the greatest luck to be where I am. Now I am only really reflecting on the positive, a shit ton of shit also happened this year. I learned from it, and it’s time to make the best of it and move on. My heart goes out to all the people that suffered this year, but 2013 can be a new start. My word of advice of the year is to work hard, play hard, and love passionately.

So I put my banana next to my cookies which were in a ziploc bag. Now that I am eating my cookies they have a hint of banana. SO WEIRD! The banana actually got past the ziploc bag to give the cookies a banana flavor…

Anywho. Name change on the facebook because I’m starting to apply to grad school. I might deactivate closer to December, we’ll see. Apps are so demanding.. 

Playing catch up is rough.. 

Hello to starting summer session late and having finished my first midterm today. Oh yeah it beat me up. 16 pages of endless high pass filters, op-amps, need i say more? Yet, everything is great. Sure I missed out on a lot being away this summer, so GUYSSS let’s catch up please! I wanna hear stories and adventures :)

I’ve pretty much been bumming at home since I got back. APT 2048 you’re lonely lately :( Home has been beyond awesome. Being fed home cooked meals is awesome. I seriously think I’ve gained 20lbs from just eating at home.. haha <33 Just chilling with the family and my dog has been extremely nice. The house is going through some minor renovation with the floors which has brought about arguments and what not, but watching home videos makes it better. Aww yeahh I was damnn cute when I was little :) videos to come soon! (probs not since i gotta convert vhs, but yeah whenever that happens)

And the catch up with the amigos begin! 

- Ashley 

Some highlights from last week in Texas <3

My last few days in College Station, TX were the best I could have asked for. It’s crazy how it’s all over in the flash of an eye. I’m going to miss crazy nights at my place, nights at daisy dukes, nights in northgate period, lunch dates, futbol, late night runs, dinners galore, and most of all the people. I would have never thought I’d miss it all this much. I’m just glad I had the opportunity to experience it all, to live life more freely, without worries and learn so much from people and the world of academia. Life is great and it just keeps getting better, it’s just hard to leave something you get use to. And now i’m back to a life with a little more struggle and umph, so things are kicking into gear.

Mixed with emotions at the College Station airport I didn’t know how I was going to feel seeing my loved ones. I was scared to feel everything all over again, sadness and happiness all at once. Seeing Lake Tahoe from my window seat let me know I was almost there. Then I finally arrived in SMF, kisses and hugs to the maxxx made it all worthwhile. So this is what it felt like, and I was homeee <33 And then the food consumption began, andd oh yeahh it felt so great to have all my family to welcome me home and eat eat eat with me :)

Our jetskiing trip has been postponed till next week due to our hardwood floors being replaced. But that’s okay I could use a day of rest and some thinking time. First day of class for my summer session ENG 100 tomorrow. Not too excited, but let’s do this. It’s hard not to live in the past, not to want to relive nights, but moving forward is the best part. Looking forward to everything is even better.

Everyone that has touched my life in Texas, thank you for everything. The experiences, the lessons, and the fun. You made my life so much better in Texas and I’ll never forget that. If any of you need a place to stay in California, know that you have a home here :)

I figure I’ll continue blogging even if my time is up in Texas :)  

Pictures to come from my last few weeks, poster session, goodbyes and dinners.

- Ashley 

happy monday!

And it’s my last one in College Station! :) It’s crazy how fast time flies, like any other Monday it’s work time. It’s time to wrap stuff up this week, as I am busily writing away my research paper (or so I’d like to think) I can’t help but to think WOW this is the last thing I have to do and then i’m free!

Today is the first day of summer session 2 for the davis kiddos, and I’m missing out. Hopefully the catch up won’t absolutely terrible. ENG 100 please be nice to me this summer, as I absolutely hated ENG 17..

This weekend was probably the last time I’d see some great people. I had the time of my life this weekend. I will miss Daisy Dukes the most. Upon my arrival, I thought the mixture of country line dancing and two stepping and hip hop was horrendous.. little did I know it was going to be one my favorite things to do in College Station. Maybe when I go back to California I can convince someone to go country dancing with me :) so be warned hehe

Saying goodbye is always hard, but I’ll just have to make the most out of my last week here. This week will be filled with lots of work and lots of FUN. :) So let’s do this, lets live up the last week in Texas.

- Ashley

Sorta reminds of Craig David..

But yes, seven days left in College Station and then I get to feel the sweet crisp California air :)

I know I keep repeating this, but BITTERSWEET. It’s already Friday and time to enjoy my last weekend here but I can’t helping thinking that the end is so near. I’m already reminiscing about all the great nights and days I’ve spent here. And I keep thinking to myself wow this is the last time I’ll do this, this, and this. The days keep going by faster and everything just starts sinking in. People are already leaving who’s programs are shorter. RIDICULOUS. Last night was incredibly fun, I think the funniest part is seeing Lalis the next day. She spent the night and mentioned that I attempted to spoon her while I was sleeping and as soon as I realized it jolted back. Hahah, goes to show that I spoon when I sleep. But moments like these make this experience unforgettable. Upon my arrival I expected to be completely miserable away from my family and friends, but as the end slowly approaches I realize that I’m gonna miss being here when I go back.

It’s crazy to think that in seven days I’ll be in the arms of those I love. The excitement is getting to me more and more everyday. Life is happening and life is great <3

My final poster is due today for our poster presentation next Tuesday and YES it’s done. I just have a mega huge paper to work on next week.. and a 20 minute presentation in 40 minutes! Wish me luck :)

- Ashley

A little less than 2 weeks left here, crazy how time flies. I remember writing about my first 2 weeks here not too long ago. In essence, this experience has been absolutely filled with mixed emotions and most importantly tons of laughs and unforgettable memories. The ending will definitely be bittersweet.

I recently took the GRE on Friday and did OKAY. Enough so I feel comfortable that I don’t feel like I’m obligated to take it again. If you’re dying to know my scores, message me :) I would have never guessed my experience here would be leading me into the steps of graduate school. It’s amazing though, after today’s seminar about applying I learned how much of a difference there is between applying as a undergrad vs. grad. Shortly after, I had a pretty long conversation with my mom about what exactly I want to do, since it’s all out of the blue for my parents. Luckily, I have supportive and loving parents who are there regardless of how poor I’ll be as a grad student hehe. Im glad my mother insists on having fun and enjoying life <3 . sometimes I don’t think she knows how happy her words make me :D I started writing down my goals for the rest of the summer. Here are a few: 1) Connect with the head of the BME Department at Duke University 2)Buy tickets and figure out plans to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (OH YEAHH ILL BE 21) 3) RESEARCH RESEARCH HOW THE HELL I AM GOING TO PAY FOR GRAD SCHOOL. I’m definitely going to have to be on  a grind this year. Do work and have fun. It’s my last year as an undergrad, most definitely have to get all the crazy fun out of my system, maintain relationships, and most importantly keep having a passion for what I am doing in life.

I love how all my weekends here are planned last minute and I end up having a blast. Friday I celebrated muchos being done with the GRE. Saturday, I got to travel to Dallas with Lalis and Eric and meet up with an old friend from my freshman year of college. I hope to be seeing more of you next year! It’s funny how it took us randomly being in an entirely different city to finally hang out. Later that night I hung out with Lalis’ friends and family which was a blast :) hehe

On to the sad news about why I am blogging. I just found out my yorkie, Bella, got really hurt at the groomers. Somehow the idiots managed to cut her and she’s completely bald from face to middle back. Luckily, they covered her medical expenses.. but my poor baby has to wear a cone for idk how long :’( I am just really upset.. and BLEH. I have that overwhelming feeling of just wanting to go home ASAP to make sure she’s doing okay. Things like this make me mega homesick and completely useless at work. I have 3-4 days left to finish my poster for a presentation next Tuesday. And less than 2 weeks to finish a publishable paper! INSANE. Oh well, gotta do work. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.

Most random event since my last post: I am intensely studying for the GRE at Starbucks with Lalis. guy walks up to me to talk, and I say hey sorry I’m really busy studying. Sits down right next to me drinking his coffee. 20 minutes later, after uncomfortably seeing him just knowing he’s sitting right next to me, asks for my contact information.  I kindly give him my e-mail so he can leave.. (obviously if I give you my e-mail and not my phone number I am not interested). This fool e-mails me 10 minutes later. SUPER RANDOM. Just thought it was interesting.

Aside from my last update, I’ve been doing the same thing over and over again in College Station. Meeting interesting people is my favorite part, but getting out of town is amazing. Yet, I am pretty sure I’ll spend my last full weekend here in College Station. So let’s go big and make the most of the time I have left here. As much as I want to go home, I’m really going to miss the people and the lifestyle. A&M possible grad school? MAYBE. I really want to stay in California, but my dream is DUKE <3

Soccer todayyyyy and intense workout before soccer with Lalis, YEAHH BUDYYY.



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